New Mexico Reciprocity

by Larry Arnold

New Mexico DPS Backpedals

Posted 05-02-2012

The New Mexico DPS, in response to "several inquiries," updated their webpage as of 5-1-12. It now says, "First, it is important to note that the Department of Public Safety has not made final decisions to change reciprocity agreements or recognition of other states, but rather DPS is conducting an audit of those statutes to ensure compliance with New Mexico state law."

It goes on, "For those states that have had reciprocity agreements with New Mexico, but do not now have a similar law to ours, NM DPS will contact those states to clarify which permit holders from that state are not allowed to carry a concealed weapon in New Mexico. This will not affect the vast majority of permit holders in states with current reciprocity agreements."

For Texans, apparently the outcome will be that most Texas CHLs will be honored, but NM will discriminate against licensees who are under 21 or legal resident aliens. Since New Mexico is one of several states being sued to overturn their violation of non-citizens' gun rights, that may change as well.

It's an improvement over the policy on the April 27 version of the page, which stated, "Texas is not recognized by NM."

I'll keep watching this.

New Mexico DPS Cancels Most Reciprocity, Including Texas

Posted 05-01-2012

The New Mexico Department of Public Safety has reinterpreted the NM concealed carry law requirements for reciprocity. They have slashed the number of states New Mexico recognizes from twenty to just four. Texas is one of the states no longer recognized.

The excuse for Texas is "Concealed carry requirements are not substantially similar to New Mexico or at least as stringent, so Texas is not recognized by NM." However, that's word-for-word the reason given for most of the other states no longer recognized.

At the top of the page NMDPS lists six reasons states would not qualify. Of them, Texas seems to run afoul of two:
"3. Permits issued to persons under 21 years of age;" We issue licenses to military service personnel who are under 21, and
"4. Permits issued to resident aliens;" We don't require U.S. citizenship for a CHL.

Both the NRA and the Second Amendment Foundation have sued several jurisdictions that discriminate against legal resident aliens' gun rights. The SAF lawsuit against New Mexico was filed April 21, 2012. The new NMDPS rules apparently went into effect April 27, 2012.

The TSRA is aware of this change in policy, and alerting their members. They, and we, will stay on top of the situation as it develops.

In the meanwhile, New Mexico does allow car carry. Review the NM rules.

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